Getting to experience the sunrise at Angkor Wat will remain among our top travel highlights of all time. For us, this is probably one of the top 3 bucket list experiences in South east Asia along with cruising in Halong bay and checking out the gorgeous sunsets of Koh Lanta.

While exploring the magnificent ruins of Angkor archaeological park was an experience in itself, seeing the sunrise was the proverbial cherry on top of the bucket list for a history and culture nerd like me!

Viewing the sunrise at Angkor Wat was surreal to say the least! Sitting alone amidst those ancient stone structures while watching the darkness give way to dawn will be something we will always remember for the rest of our lives.
In the last decade, we have travelled quite a bit, covering almost 30 destinations in 8 countries, but watching the sunrise at Angkor was the most special experience we ever had. It will be the moment when we realized that we had to make the time to travel and have these experiences, that we had to save the money to go to different countries and learn about new cultures, when we realized how important it was to have a life and passion outside of work. 

In fact, the roots of my blogging journey lie in that trip as Angkor was the first place i blogged about.

Angkor gave us all this and so much more.
So try to go there once in your lifetime and you will know what I am gushing about!